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Saaniya Abbas



A study revealed that the constant use of social media leaves people feeling isolated, depressed and lonely. How can Facebook combat this, and change its image to one that supports a positive, social and healthy lifestyle?


Consumer: People are more likely to take positive action through
reward-oriented incentives.

Advertising: While paid media may raise awareness, brand experience and engagement in person is a more intimate and tangible form of advertising.


Members are awarded points for engaging in positive experiences. This can range from trying out restaurants, doing an hour of exercise, checking out your local museum to exploring a new city or even just a walk in the park for some fresh air. Earned points can be exchanged for real life rewards.

What's the point(s)?

The points per activity depend on the level of benefit the experience brings.


For example,

An hour long work-out in the gym would earn Jane 50 points.

Whereas going to the new restaurant around the block gives her 30 points.

Putting the Social back in Social Media

To combat isolation, earning collective points in groups will also give you bonus points.

Real Life Rewards

A dynamic list of rewards can be exchanged for points.

Notification example:

You are 50 points away from a free manicure.

Where do these rewards come from? More on that later.

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I'm a brand. How do I join?

Enlist (free) + 25-50 free experiences

This gives members points for engaging with your brand or experience.

Pay Per Engagement

Similar to pay per click ads, but are counted via members physically engaging with the outlet/experience.

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Dynamic Rewards List

Where does the free stuff go? Into our dynamic Rewards list. 

Rewards list visual

What's in it for the brands?

Being on the rewards list equates their brand or experience with an achievement. Moreover, an experience that starts off on a positive note (free of cost) is usually well received and leads to word of mouth advertising, which more natural and less intrusive.

Featured brands are promoted in notifications and subtle ads. For example, you are just 20 points away from a free manicure at Lola's!

How does engagement take place? Augmented Reality

How do we collect proof of User engagement? How do we know that someone has really been somewhere and not just checked-in online at the door?

We use augmented reality. Members collect points inside the venue. (Think Pokemon Go, but instead of Pokemons you're collecting little gold coins).

Understanding members outside of Facebook

This enables us to collect wholesome data about the user and their preferences without invading their privacy. We know what their interests are not just by what they look at or scroll through, or the articles they read, but what they actually physically want to do outside of Facebook.

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