Senior Art Director @ Publicis (2019 - present)

Head of Design @ The Entertainer (2016 - 2018)

Art Director @ The Ad Kitchen (2015 - 2016)

Designer @ TMH (2013 - 2015)

Designer @ Insignia Worldwide (2012 - 2013)


Innovation Award

The Entertainer Global Conference 2018


Silver Award

Print Ad Category

Creativity International Awards 2015


Gold Award

Multimedia Animation

Creativity International Awards 2014


Best Academic Performance

Pearl Academy 2012

Hi there.

Conceptual Art Director with gargantuan ideas

Work is led by logic.



Clean aesthetic. The devil’s in the details.


When I'm upset, I like to write very thorough, beautifully crafted emails with bullet points, type hierarchy and sub-headings to help others understand said upset-ness. I like it when someone compliments my emails writing skills.

I also write poetry and rants.


Relatable/Engaging/Memorable Advertising

People forget what we said, but not how we made them feel.

I benchmark great ads by whether or not they made me ugly cry. 


In my spare time

I take far too many pictures of my dog.

Always learning and re-learning software to prevent Old Fart Syndrome.

Reading Harry Potter for the n’th time, where 'n' stands for not open to judgment.


Interactive Conceptual Art Direction



Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign & After Effects, Adobe XD, Sketch, basic Cinema 4D


BA (Hons) Degree in Communication Design

Specialising in Branding & Animation

Class of 2012


Graphic Design Diploma

Class of 2007


Pearl Academy of Fashion & Design