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98.7 million impressions

45.5 million unique users

6.8% Awareness

KitKat x YouTube:

In collaboration with YouTube, KitKat reclaimed the ad break we all know and skip. Guided by user behaviour and data, we pinpointed the 50 most searched topics on YouTube in the region and linked them to relevant, meta and unskippable 6 second ads.

Linked to the most searched keywords in the region, we created ads with context.

14.8% Recall


YouTube videos get over 5 billion views every single day. Most of them begin with an ad, that's usually out of place. Who wants to watch a toothpaste commercial before their favourite song? KitKat decided everyone needed a break here: both YouTube & the viewers.


To bring this to life, we pinpointed the top trending searches in the region and created pre-roll ads that for the very first time, were relevant to the content that followed. Starring in each ad, was a humanized YouTube, taking a well-deserved break. With the launch of 50 ads, in 3 different languages, each matched to trending keywords, viewers saw Mr. Youtube promising to play their videos ...after his break. Whether it was Premier League highlights, or a 5 minute makeup tutorial, he had them covered.

And so with these data-driven tailor-made ads, KitKat proved that a great break is truly unskippable.

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